Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to fix HVAC condenser capacitor

Listen to the noise that your HAVC condensing unit makes: If you hear humming sound and the fan is not spinning, then you have a bad AC start Capacitor. It is very easy to fix. Just replace the bad cap with a new one. You need to make sure to disconnect the circuit breaker when you do the repair work.

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There are three basic types of competing small induction motors: single-phase split-phase and shaded-pole types, and small polyphase induction motors. Although polyphase motors are inherently self-starting, their starting and pull-up torque design limits must be high enough to overcome actual load conditions. In two-pole single-phase motors, the torque goes to zero at 100% slip (zero speed), so these require alterations to the stator such as shaded-poles to provide starting torque. A single phase induction motor requires separate starting circuitry to provide a rotating field to the motor. The normal running windings within such a single-phase motor can cause the rotor to turn in either direction, so the starting circuit determines the operating direction. Larger single phase motors are split-phase motors and have a second stator winding fed with out-of-phase current; such currents may be created by feeding the winding through a capacitor or having it receive different values of inductance and resistance from the main winding. In capacitor-start designs, the second winding is disconnected once the motor is up to speed, usually either by a centrifugal switch acting on weights on the motor shaft or a thermistor which heats up and increases its resistance, reducing the current through the second winding to an insignificant level. The capacitor-run designs keep the second winding on when running, improving torque. A resistance start design uses a starter inserted in series with the startup winding, creating reactance.

In certain smaller single-phase motors, starting is done by means of a shaded pole with a copper wire turn around part of the pole. The current induced in this turn lags behind the supply current, creating a delayed magnetic field around the shaded part of the pole face. This imparts sufficient rotational field energy to start the motor. These motors are typically used in applications such as desk fans and record players, as the required starting torque is low, and the low efficiency is tolerable relative to the reduced cost of the motor and starting method compared to other AC motor designs.

Polyphase motors have rotor bars shaped to give different speed-torque characteristics. The different bar shapes can give usefully different speed-torque characteristics as well as some control over the inrush current at startup. The current distribution within the rotor bars varies depending on the frequency of the induced current. At standstill, the rotor current is the same frequency as the stator current, and tends to travel at the outermost parts of the cage rotor bars (by skin effect). In wound rotor motors, rotor circuit connection through slip rings to external resistances allows change of speed-torque characteristics for acceleration control and speed control purposes.

Self-starting polyphase induction motors produce torque even at standstill. Available squirrel cage induction motor starting methods include direct-on-line starting, reduced-voltage reactor or auto-transformer starting, star-delta starting or, increasingly, new solid-state soft assemblies and, of course, VFDs.

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  1. Thanks for the information about my air conditioner. But there are two caps. I think one is for the fan, and the other one is for the compressor.

  2. I found this very informative. Truth be told, though, I will keep calling the professionals when we have an air conditioner problem. This, at least, will help me know what they are doing and keep me from looking and sounding like a complete idiot. That's what happened last year. I was glad when they were done because I never understood their explanations.